5 Must Have Posing Tips and Tricks

Fact – We all want to look skinnier in photos. For the most part you are not doing anything to help yourself! I have a few tips and tricks that can help you be more aware of how you position yourself for your best look! Whether it’s for your professional session (booked with C.Mae Design of course) or just for a quick snap shot of you and your girlfriends, these are great tips. Now…I understand those of you reading this are not models. This article isn’t to make you pose like a model. This blog is strictly for the everyday girl who just needs a little guidance in front of the camera.

#1 CONFRONT THE CAMERA!!!! Mistake #1 is trying to get away from the camera. You want to confront the camera – Meaning, lean in towards the camera. Whatever is closest to the camera will appear to be the largest feature. For most women, you do not want this to be your hips. The trick to this is dropping your hips behind you and having your face and shoulders closest to the camera.
C.MaeDesign-7488 C.MaeDesign-7489






















#2 FAT ARMS – DO NOT EVER HAVE AN ELBOW AGAINST YOUR BODY!!!! Hence the popular “hand on hip” move. This helps to slim out the arm…and if you want to get a little more advanced you can even push you elbow back (as is tip #1 “whatever is closest to the camera will look bigger”). Looking for an alternate to the “hand on hip”???? Try what I call the “Pull Back.” This gives the same illusion for slimmer arms.
























#3 CREATE ANGLES – It is not as flattering to be photographed from a straight angle. Try to create different angles for your hips and shoulders:













#4 SITTING POSES – When taking a photo from a sitting position do not sit all the way back in the chair. Position yourself to the edge of the chair and again create angles!

C.MaeDesign-7503 C.MaeDesign-7505











#5 Double chins! – For photos you want to stick your chin out and angle it downwards.

C.MaeDesign-7501 C.MaeDesign-7502








Reasons why I like your “selfie”… It helps you learn the angles of your face. And when you take your selfie aren’t you almost always angling the camera down at you? YES! because women look more flattering being photographed from above. AND WHY? Because whatever is closest to the camera looks biggest!!! When photographing from above your eyes are your largest feature!

So there it is Ladies!!!! Help yourself with these 5 tips and tricks :)

– Cassandra Mae.