5 Things You Need To Know When Hiring Your Wedding Photographer

5thingsWho you pick as your wedding photographer is such a huge deal and should be well thought out!

We’d like to share with you some of the items we love to educate our clients about when picking their wedding photographer:

#1 – Make sure you like their style of photography!!! Are you looking for more natural & candid shots or more traditional? C.Mae Design’s style is definitely much more candid, relaxed, and real.

#2 – Make sure you do an engagement shoot with your photographer! Although you may have already done an engagement session with someone, your wedding photographer may have a very different style. The great thing about all of our wedding packages is that they ALL include an engagement session!!!! This is amazing because it give us a chance to work with you before the big day. It also gives us a chance to get to know you two more as a couple!

#3 – Make sure your wedding package includes all of your images copyright free or the option to purchase your digital images copyright free! All of C.Mae Design’s wedding packages includes ALL of your images copyright free. This allows you to purchase prints from anywhere you wish! We do offer professional printing services such as beautiful wrapped canvases, thin-wrap metallic prints, and exotic flush mount metal prints! If you choose someone who doesn’t offer you the digital images it will force you to only order prints through them. This can be very costly and usually not included into your package.

#4 – Share your vision!!!! Your photographer should share the same vision you have for your wedding day. A lot of photographers will show up, do their job, and deliver the product. C.Mae Design thrives on proving legendary experiences through unbelievable customer service. We believe that your wedding day should be filled with so much LOVE & LAUGHTER! We also offer services such as SAME-DAY SLIDESHOWS that will really WOW your guests!!

#5 – Every angle counts! Make sure your wedding package includes at least two photographers! We highly discourage choosing a wedding photographer or a package that only includes one person. There are simply too many things that happen throughout the day for one person to cover. ALL of our packages includes at least two photographers (one lead and one assistant). Even our larger packages include two lead photographers!!! This really ensures that every moment and angle is captured! We also have an amazing videographer that is also included into our packages! WE EVEN HAVE A DRONE!!!! Truly focusing on capturing every angle.

If you are shopping around please take these five things into consideration when choosing your photographer. There are a million and one photographers out there so makes sure you are asking these questions! We strongly believe in client education so they can make the best choice possible. We’d love to be considered and would love to have the opportunity to further discuss your wedding day and vision!