Always Flattered but Never Offended

When I meet with a couple for wedding photography I strictly look at this meeting as going to an interview. As a wedding photographer I am with the bride more on wedding day than the groom or even the MOH (maid of honor). You better like the person you hire to be with you all day! This meaning… our personalities should jive and we need to be on the same page in order to get the best results for your images.

The same goes towards the couple. I also am interviewing them for certain things. Things I am looking for is overall connection, personality, and expectations they may have for their wedding day. You will never find me during a wedding consult saying “SIGN NOW!” or “HURRY” because I am never looking for that quick sale. I truly want the couple to pick C.Mae Design based on what we offer and the comfortability we have with the client.

I often suggest to the couples I meet to shop around for other photographers. I want the couple to be educated in the decision they make because it is a very important part of the day (other than getting married to your best friend of course!). I want all of my brides to feel comfortable with what they are receiving in their package and at the price they are receiving it! All in all I want to be the chosen because I am the right fit for your needs. Which is why I say I am always flattered but never offended. I am ALWAYS flattered when I get booked for a wedding. I feel that it is truly an honor to have been chosen to capture such an important day in their lives. I am never offended if not booked because it means C.Mae Design wasn’t their best choice. This is how much I want my clients or in general BRIDES to have exactly what they want on their wedding day and if that is not me… I am never offended.

So a little advice to the future brides… Research! Make sure you know what you are receiving and what that all includes. Make sure you LIKE the person who will be spending your wedding day with you. Make sure you are comfortable with them and that you trust them. And lastly, make sure this is your decision. Not a decision that was put on by peer pressure or by obligation because at the end of the day you will have your husband, the memories made, and the photos.


Cassandra Mae