Bridal Xanax

Getting engaged is exciting! You’ve already said “Yes” and now you’ll be planning for when you’ll say “I Do.” Let me be brutally honest with you…planning a wedding sucks. It is an incredible amount of work. The planning, choices, organization, and stress that comes along planning a wedding is daunting. So here are a few little tips and tricks to help.

Seriously consider hiring a wedding planner. Most brides try to go at this alone or with the help of their bridal party. Although a bridal party can be much help there are so many things behind the scenes that go down at a wedding that your bridal party should just not be in charge of. Your family and friends want to enjoy the day with you – NOT WORKING IT.

Another bit of advice throughout the planning process – You will find yourself getting lost in the details that truly don’t matter. This is a very easy and typical mistake I’m almost positive every bride makes. I made this mistake along with every other girl I know getting married. You will find yourself worrying about chair covers, flower colors, song choices, and the list goes on. Truth be told it will not make your marriage any better or less if you have carnations or roses. Of course you want the day to be beautiful and everything you had imagined but after your wedding day you have a marriage and what makes that is you and them.

I had found myself having this argument – “It’s just one day… but it’s THE day…” This is the struggle most brides have. You want your day to be perfect, but is spending $500 on a table of cheese necessary??? To me it was! lol. But then again probably not needed by any means. The cheese table didn’t make my marriage any stronger. Mike and I make our marriage strong. Not the italian string lights that we payed an ridiculous amount of money on. It’s our bond and this is why you have a wedding in the first place. Having two people come together and having the people there that love and support you. That is all.

I know it’s hard but try not to get lost in the details. Remember why you are picking bridesmaid dresses and cake flavors in the first place.

Another big tip and trick to all this – GO ON A HONEYMOON!!!!! It makes me so sad when couples skimp out on the honeymoon. I understand that most couples simply just don’t have the money. I’m not saying you need to go backpacking through Europe. It can be a simple weekend up to Door County or even just staying a few nights in a bed & breakfast. Major reasons why you need to be putting the honeymoon into your budget (rather than cheese):

#1 After the wedding there is a transition period. People who say that nothing changes are lying. Maybe things really didn’t change for them but that’s also weird. Things should change. You are combining your lives and starting a new life together.  The change is not bad. Don’t get that confused. The change is that you are truly thinking about the other person first. You become a family once you are married (kids or no kids). And you do what is best for that family.

#2 Your living arrangements will change. Whether you are moving in together for the first time, moving into a new house, or lived together beforehand, the next step is making your house a home. Coming home right after the wedding with all the presents laying all about is stressful also. This is why I suggest going somewhere so when you come back to your house you are refreshed and ready to kick some ass into your “Thank You” notes and finding a place for all those new appliances that you’ll maybe never use.

#3 To be with the love of your life – unplugged. When we went to Jamaica my phone stayed in Wisconsin. This was amazing. It allowed me to fully devote my attention to Mike and your hubby deserves that! The last few months you’ve been in a relationship with your wedding. The day had come and gone and now it’s time to just be with your love. You don’t have to talk about center pieces anymore. You can actually talk about each other and relax!

So here’s the deal. You are going to put a lot of time and effort into your wedding and it should be awesome and a great party! But do not lose track of what it’s all for.

Love Each other.

Be patient.

and Go to Jamaica!!!


– Cassandra Mae.