meet our team

Cassie, Owner & Lead Photographer


Owner, Lead Photographer

Favorite part of the job: Working with some of the most talented, genuine, kind, hilarious group of people! And not to be all Miss America-y but really our clients are THA BOMB.

When I'm not working I am: ON THE LAKE

Best vacation: My husband and I try to go to Jamaica every year. The top place so far has been Secrets Wild Orchid. We are already planning our next trip back.

Something Random: My Whole Life? For real though... I recently picked up meditating and am so in love with it!
- Namaste -

Biggest dream: To travel bi-annually with my husband and to one-day own property in Jamaica.

Dee, Lead Photographer & Editor


Supervisor / Lead Photographer

Favorite part of the job: Laughing and being completely comfortable with clients, hanging out with the AMAZING C.Mae Design Team (seriously, everyone ROCKS), and being proud of my work while learning new things at the same time!

When I'm not working I am: Playing XBOX One, cooking, listening to loud music, playing with cars, fishing, or relaxing with my wonderful fiancé and our cutie pups!

Best vacation: So many great ones. I'd say going to Honduras and Brazil to see the Mayan Ruins, going to Ojibwa and floating down the river with best friends, spending time with my sister for her Bachelorette Party in Sea Island, or visiting my cousin in San Diego! Too hard to choose just one!

Something Random: I don't only play Call of Duty. I also play Minecraft. Let's keep this between the two of us...

Biggest dream: To be completely happy and comfortable. To be relaxed and enjoy life in paradise. To spend my time with people who add joy to my life.

Marcy, Lead Photographer


Lead Photographer

When I am not at work I am: Parenting... praying, encouraging, correcting, directing, redirecting, cleaning, cooking, playing, teaching, learning, laughing, crying and sometimes ignoring.

Best vacation: I imagine a vacation with no agenda. There's a rustic cabin on a lake, the nearest neighbor can't be seen or heard, the weather is warm, I have a book and a camera and my husband is the only other guest.

Something Random: The most relaxing place I can think of is the back of a pickup. I grew up in Eastern Washington watching families gather outside around the truck after a long day of hard work. They were paid little, had few material possessions, yet were the most thankful, generous and genuinely happy people I have ever known. If you ever see me sipping something cold in the back of a pickup, join me in my happy place!

Biggest dream: Though there are many things I would still love to accomplish in my own life, my greatest hope is to see each of my kids find their passion, develop their potential, and combine those two things to create for themselves lives full of joy and purpose.

Lead Photographer Julie


Lead Photographer / Editor

Favorite part of the job: Meeting new people & capturing all the little moments that the couple might not get to see on their big day.

When I'm not working I am: Traveling

Best vacation: When we visited San Diego and went kayaking in the ocean.

Something Random: I am 1/8 Sioux Native American.

Biggest dream: To someday open a rustic chic shop downtown Lake Geneva. I'd also like to own a French Bulldog.

Scottie, Lead Photographer, Sales Director


Lead Photographer, Sales Director

Bio coming soon:

Abby, Assistant Photographer


Assistant / 2nd Lead Photographer

Favorite part of the job: Making sure the day goes smoothly so that everyone can enjoy as much as possible and taking care of the small stuff so there is as little stress as possible for our lovely couples!

When I'm not working I am: Taking care of my small herd of kiddos, teaching voice lessons or singing myself.

Best vacation: We took a trip to Yosemite and hiked for a few days. It was spectacular and an adventure I will never forget.

Something Random: In my next life, I would like to be a costume designer.

Biggest dream: To travel. Everywhere.

Kyleen, 2nd Lead Photographer


2nd Lead Photographer

Bio coming soon:

Kristie, Office Assistant


Office Assistant

Bio coming soon:

Jackie, Assistant Photographer


Assistant Photographer

Bio coming soon:

Maeghan, Office Assistant


Office Assistant

When I'm not working I am: Eating Chinese takeout, hanging out with my husband, and enjoying a good cup of coffee.

Best vacation: We go up north every year and it's always great to reconnect with nature. It's refreshing to leave the chaos of the city and enjoy the simple things of life.

Something Random: I love really cheesy, terrible, old sitcoms. They are so funny and I find it very charming and entertaining.

Biggest dream: I want to have a really strong family. Family is very important to me. I also want to visit each continent at least once.