meet our team

Cassie, Owner & Lead Photographer


What's up!!!!! I'm the owner of this creative, fun, wild business! I'll be the person you meet to talk about wedding photography, any questions you have, and picking up the camera for an array of different types of photo sessions! I'm the boudoir spiecailist on the team and am IN LOVE with photographing & empowering women. I also post process (edit) all the images and love teaching others about photography through our mentoring program!

Other things about me: I'm a Gemini and obviously so - I love yoga, meditation & a good cup of coffee - when I'm not working I'm either hiking, paddle boarding, traveling, waterskiing, or spending time with the people in my life who matter most!


Dee, Lead Photographer & Editor


Hi there! I'm Marcy and really excited to work with you! As our Lead Photographer on the team I'll be working with you for your engagement session and wedding day! I'm so in love with watching the dynamic between couples and capturing your story in a fun, authentic way. I also am the senior portrait photographer specialist on the team. It's a monumental time in their lives and I love making each session unique to each person and capturing where they are in that time of their lives.

Other things about me: I'm a mother to some amazing humans and proud of the young adults they have become - I'm always improving how I view life through my lens!
Marcy, Lead Photographer


Hey Hey!!! I've been with the C.Mae Design team since day one. You'll see me being the "magic maker" on your wedding day. I'll be handling everything from helping you get into your dress to capturing cherishing moments that often times happen behind the scenes. Basically anything you need, I'm your girl. I'm also the newborn specialist on the team and LOVE that I get to snuggle all these amazing, beautiful babies. I also love documenting families and all the personalities that come with that! 

Other things about me: I'm a mother to 4 engergetic young children - when I'm not photographing events in other's lives I'm directing plays, teaching music & theatre, and spending time with family - I have many hidden talents and at one point had 5 different jobs - I'll be 100% honest with you and always will have your best interest :)
Lead Photographer Julie


Hello! I'm the wedding guru and also the video guy! I love capturing beautiful light and unique moments between couples that turn into forever cherish art pieces for our clients. You'll see me photographing weddings with the C.Mae Design team as well as creating loving wedding day videos. 

Other things about me: My happy place is up north at the cabin - I have three amazing small kids that love exploring with me - I'm a mad man for vespas and unique, one of a kind items. 
Scottie, Lead Photographer, Sales Director


Hi Everyone! I'm Mike and I'm the Lead Videographer on the team! I enjoy capturing cinematic styled wedding and corportate videos. While I mainly live in Chicago, I'm a world traveler. It's been a great expierence to work with couples in Lake Geneva and also working with companies through video to tell their stories.

Other things about me: When not filming with C.Mae Design I am working for National Geographic - I'm currently living at a buddhist center and have been traveling to different retreats and workshops around the world. 

Abby, Assistant Photographer


Hi!!! I'm Jackie and you'll see me at your wedding creating art behind the scenes. I'll be working along side the other lead photographers in fully documenting your day! I'm not afriad to suggest cool shots/scenes and really happy to have been growing my photography skills! 
Other things about me: I'm in love with the outdoors and would love to travel more - I'm one of the younger members of the team but can definitely hold my own ;)