HAPPY NEW YEAR! 5 Resolutions Deserving Of Commitment


Dec. 31st is a time for reflection and planning into the new year! Here are 5 New Year’s Resolutions to make with your partner in 2016!

5. Leave the work at work and let home be home. Our jobs can stress us out. Try your best to not bring the stresses of work into your home life. As a couple you always want to be supportive of each other. Just make sure when talking about work it’s not becoming a routine vent to your partner.

4. DATE NIGHTS! Making time for one another can be difficult. Try putting a reoccurring event into your calendar! Either weekly, bi-weekly, or maybe monthly. Not only is it fun to spend quality time with your partner outside of the house, but studies have shown that dates help keep your long-term relationship passionate. Plus, who doesn’t want/need a little more passion in their lives?

3. Get Healthy. We’re not talking about going to the gym every day or going on a caveman diet. We’re talking about as a couple changing the way you look at your health. Try with something easy at first. Maybe it’s taking your dog for a walk at night. Possibly cooking together more which excludes the late night drive thru! Maybe you can pick up an activity together such as hiking, skiing, biking, camping, or even just a good ole game of ping pong!   It’s all about setting realistic goals and something you both can enjoy it together. Plus everyone knows working out or changing your diet has a higher success rate when you have someone holing you accountable.

2. Put the phones down. Try your best to be in the present in 2016. Moments are constantly passing by because we are all too busy looking down at endless newsfeed on Facebook or funny cat videos (even though a good cat video is always a good laugh). Be present to your partner. They deserve your attention.

1. Save Money. Try putting a little away each month to save for something big. Whether that is a vacation together or maybe buying a pair of kayaks together! Brainstorm what you’d like to save for and set a financial goal!

Happy New Year to all of our family, friends, & clients! Wishing you all abundance, health, love, and tons of laughter.