Love Language

A few years ago my sister-in-law explained to me something called “Love Language” and ever since I’ve been intrigued by what this meant. From what I gather it means that everyone has their own way of showing their love to someone and how you like to receive love. No… I’m not talking about sex…well maybe, but I’m talking about ways you show people you love them and how you know someone loves you.

There are the main ways of love language – quality time, acts of service, words of praise, physical affection, and gift giving. These are all different ways of showing your love to someone and everyone has their own language.

Example, with my husband and I, my rule or the thing that shows me love is that he kisses me hello and goodbye. This shows me that we are good. That we are ok. That we are in love. This would fall under the physical affection. This is the thing that shows me he loves me. It’s not if we cuddle at night or if he texts me every hour to tell me he loves me…it’s my kiss hello and my kiss goodbye.

Other people may be more complicated. I have a friend who needs to be told she is loved. This is her love language. I have another friend who needs words of praise. This shows her that she is loved. Another friend is the gift giving situation and let’s say she has lots of Tiffany and name brand purses stashed in her closest. Mine…that kiss hello and goodbye. P.s. Mike I think you got lucky on that one sweetheart 😉

C.MaeDesign-6481I recently did an engagement session with a couple and during the session he kept kissing her on the cheek. I thought this was a cute this he was doing for the photos but then realized this is his “thing”. This kiss on the cheek was his love language to tell her he loves her. I thought this was so precious and romantic it only felt right to get photos of their “thing” together.

For every couple this is totally different. I think as young individuals we don’t necessarily know what our love language is so we look for all of it at once. I remember thinking things like “Oh no! We don’t cuddle at night this must mean we are not in love” or “He never got me flowers so that must mean he doesn’t love me.” To some girls this may be their love language but once you grow up a bit you realize the things that are important to you. To me??? Cuddling and flowers are not signs of love. To others it may be!

I once met an old man who every day brought a red rose home to his wife! SO CUTE! For them…. I would think what a waste of money!!! JUST KISS ME HELLO & GOODBYE! But this was their love language and quite a romantic one at that :)

So suggestion to you – Try to determine what your love language is and tell your partner. They can’t read your mind. And stop reading these “15 ways to know you’ve found the one.” LOOK UP! And follow your gut.

Love someone today :)

Oh yeah… and SMILE.

– Cassandra Mae.