Investment in Photography Classes & Training

Camera Basics

$ 200 per hr
a breakdown of your DSLR camera settings
camera care
equipment options
basics of manual shooting

Lighting Training

$ 225 per hr
exposure settings
use of light and direction
lighting in natural settings
lighting in indoor settings

Posing Training

$ 400 per hr
posing couple or
individual (your choice)
using different techniques
for a natural look in pose and style

Editing Skills

$ 300 per hr
importing images to Lightroom
processing and organizing
editing and exporting images
Photoshop basics

Conditioning Class

$ 200 per hr
Follow up to one of the previous classes
review of skills
question and answer session
fine tuning techniques

Nature Session

$ 000
Complimentary when booking three classes
30 minutes on-site shooting
Help on focus, exposure, lighting, composition
20 minutes editing one image in our office