Ten Things Your Photographer Will Never Tell You (But Wishes You Knew!)






























10. You Hired us! Now let us work!!! The best photoshoots are the one where the client 100% let’s the photographer call the shots! When you try to micromanage the session it instantly kills the creative juices. Trust your photographer. We are looking at things that you may not see in the scene. There are reasons for our every setting and position for you.


9. All kids are crazy! Photoshoots are sometimes stressful for people. Especially people who are in charge of the little people! Nothing gets a mom more upset than her child misbehaving during a photo shoot. But here is a little secret…THEY ALL DO! We need them to be a little crazy and most importantly to be themselves! We want that authentic smile and laughter when it appears. Sometimes this takes little more patience but that’s OK! We are ready to handle an hour shoot with 45mins of it being crying. Don’t be upset with your child for acting up because the truth is they all do and we always get the shot.

8. Stop thinking you’re not photogenic. What is being photogenic ?
pho-to-gen-ic.adjective 1.(especially of a person) looking attractive in photographs or on film.
And going deeper into that – PHOTO means “Light” and GENIC means “produced by”. When you say you are not photogenic you are automatically shutting yourself off an closing yourself off to guidance from us. Let us help you “look attractive” in your photographs! We are trained in both departments, light & producing great images of you and your loved ones. Be open to direction and guidance. You are not a model and we don’t expect you to be. That’s the reason why you hire us!

7. Suck it up buttercup. It’s not really on the top of the priority list for men to do family photos or engagement photos. It’s no secret that your only here because the woman you love is forcing you to take photos with her. We ultimately know that this is last thing you want to be doing on your day off. The key is just to make the best of it and have fun with it! Because if you’re agitated it will agitate everyone in the shoot resulting to us having to work twice as hard to produce the fun, easygoing images we all want!!!

6. Your photos mean a lot to you. They mean a lot to us too. Don’t worry about your photos turning out. That’s our job to make sure we are getting all the right shots and that they look beautiful. Although we average about 2 photo shoots a day during peek seasons it doesn’t mean that your photo shoot means any less to us. Every story is different and every photo shoot is truly different. When we photograph a session we love the good vibes, flow, creativity, and passion that goes into every shoot. We genuinely get excited about that WOW shot we get as much you do!

5. No Image Left Behind. Culling is the process which the photographer goes through the pictures, image by image, and chooses which pictures will make the final cut. We choose the absolute best images from the shoot and never take away one we think you’d love! So never worry that we aren’t showing you all the images from the shoot. You as the client are not supposed to see every single shot. Sometimes more is not better. It’s overwhelming to sort through 2000 images from a wedding to find the ONE you’ll get a canvas print. We try to make this process as easy as possible for you.

4. We get a little nervous too. Everyone gets a few butterflies before a photoshoot including your photographer! Although we do this ALL the time we still get nervous. We want it to go as good as you do!

3. Pricing. We spend hours upon hours determining our package pricing. We 100% feel that our service and art is worth every penny of what we price it at. We also don’t expect you to understand the costs of our business such as the taxes, equipment, website fees, insurance, and the list goes on. This is what makes us different than your “Family Friend” photographer. We run a legit business. So when you hire us you have the best customer service possible with the best shoot possible that will result in the best images possible!

2. We crave excitement from you! As artists we are very creative and excited to have a job in the field we love. If you come to a session and not care it will dull us down and result in low levels of fun. Most of the time our clients vibe off of our excitement and joy but do you’re best to get amped too!

1. More than anything we NEED feedback! From the second we post your sneak peek or email you a link to your online gallery we are looking for your feedback. We consider “we like them” to be a negative review. We need you to LOVE your photos as much as we do so please always leave us your feedback. Artists often struggle from acceptance. They need to be told that their art is great until they also believe it.

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