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Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After

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The c.mae design approach to wedding photography

C.Mae Design's photo sessions are filled with music, laughter, some dancing and LOTS OF LOVE!

We focus our attention on the authentic nature of each person we work with. We believe the best photos come from a sweet kiss on the forehead, or a newborn baby enjoying a yawn. Being your true self is everything we are about.

What we ask of you is to fully, authentically, awkwardly just be yourself. This is where the magic is. At C.Mae Design we focus heavily on capturing you. THE REAL YOU. The real, funny, gorgeous you. So just relax and allow us do what we are great at.

At our sessions you will find us playing music, laughing, lifting things, and maybe even climbing trees or jumping into water for the perfect shot. Each session really is a new adventure with new friends and we can’t wait for you to be part of the experience.

our vision & mission

"Helping others see who they really are."

Our Mission is to uplift, empower, and spread as much love to as many as we can.



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